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Issues with Allgood Solitaire and Mac OS X 10.13 “High Sierra”

Unfortunately it turns out that the latest release of the Mac OS operating system “High Sierra” has created some problems with Allgood Solitaire for Mac – there are some display issues and other
problems playing cards.

We’re looking at these right now, and working on a strategy to fix the problems that have come up.  We’re already working on a significant update to Solitaire for Mac, incorporating improvements that were added when Solitaire was ported to the iPad – we may try to bring out a release with these and the fixes, or put a small patch in place to fix the major issues with High Sierra, and plan on a later release with the extra features – we’re still working on the plan to move forward and don’t have an ETA yet.

There is a workaround that will get Solitaire working for you.  Make sure you have downloaded the latest version, and then select the game icon in the Finder and open up “Get Info”.  Once you’ve done that, enable “Open in 32-bit mode”, and try opening the game again:

Enable 32-bit mode in the Finder
To workaround in High Sierra, enable “open in 32-bit mode” using Get Info from the Finder