Allgood Dominoes (iOS)

Dominoes is one of the most well known games, and has been played around the world for hundreds of years.  Play any of 20 variations of the game of Dominoes from around the world, from straight forward Draw, Block and Muggins, all the way up to the more unusual Matador and Mexican Train.  Four different computer skill options are offered, to challenge all levels of players.

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Here are just some of the features offered in Allgood Dominoes:

  • Double Six, Double Nine and Double Twelve sets supported
  • Eight different dominoes styles to play with – Wood, Ivory, Ebony, whitewashed and many more.
  • 20 variations of Dominoes, with easy to access game rules for easy type.
  • A comprehensive visual list of all currently played dominoes for quick reference
  • Up to 3 computer opponents, with 4 levels of skill
  • Intuitive Drag and Drop interface (plus Double Tap)
  • Score hints to help you with scoring type games (Muggins, All 3’s, etc…)
  • Different lead types supported: last domino, play in turn, etc…
  • “Auto Draw” option to grab tiles automatically if you need them
  • “Auto Pass” option to automatically pass if you have no moves or draws available. 
  • Different game lengths: “Short”, “Medium”, “Long”, and “Marathon”