Dominoes (Mac OS X)

Dominoes screenshot
Dominoes is one of the oldest known games

The classic game, available on Mac OS X

Dominoes is one of the most well known games, and has been played around the world for hundreds of years.  There are many variations on the game, and this software knows how to play 16 of them, from straight forward Draw, Block and Muggins, all the way up to the more eclectic Matador and Mexican Train.  Three different computer skill options are offered, to challenge all levels of players.

Dominoes is Shareware.  Please download it and try it out, if you decide to keep it, please register it by paying the $19.95 shareware fee.  This will entitle you to free upgrades as soon as they are available.

Here are just some of the features offered in Dominoes:

  • 16 different games
  • Double Six, Double Nine and Double Twelve sets supported
  • Different dominoes styles to play with – wood, ivory and ebony
  • A visual list of all currently played dominoes for quick reference
  • Up to 3 computer opponents, with 3 levels of skill
  • Intuitive Drag and Drop interface (plus Double Click)
  • Score hints to help you with scoring type games (Muggins, All 3’s, etc…)
  • Different lead types supported: last domino, play in turn, etc…
  • “Auto Draw” function to grab tiles automatically if you need them
  • Different game lengths: “Short”, “Medium”, “Long”, and “Marathon”

Here’s the complete list of games supported by Dominoes v4.0.1:

  • Add ‘Em up 50
  • All Threes
  • Bergen
  • Block
  • Cross Dominoes
  • Doubles
  • Draw
  • Four
  • Matador
  • Merry-Go-Round
  • Mexican Train
  • Muggins (Sniff, All Fives)
  • Sebastapol
  • Seven Toed Pete
  • Tiddle-A-Wink
  • Threes and Fives

Download for free – try it out and pay for it later if you are enjoying it.