How to Register

All registrations for my software go through the Kagi system, they process payments and send out registration codes. They offer several different payment options:

  1. Register online (securely) by credit card. It's the easiest, and often you get your code within a few hours. To do that, follow this link:

  2. Register via email using a credit card. to do this, launch the "Register" program included with Solitaire, fill in the details, and email the form to Kagi (credit card details are encrypted to prevent interception.) The actual email address to send the order is:

  3. Register via postal mail with a cheque or money order. Again, use the "Register" program, fill in your details, then print the form and send it with your payment to this included address:

            1442-A Walnut Street #392-9WF
            Berkeley, California, 94709-1405

Make sure to include your email address, as Kagi will send you a registration code to unlock your software once payment is processed.

Thanks for your support, your payment does make a difference.