Game of the Week: Corners


Corners is easy to learn and very addictive
Corners is easy to learn, with a visually pleasing layout

Corners always has a special place in my heart, as it’s one of the first Solitaire games I ever learned, with a lovely symmetric layout, mixing foundations and tableau piles in the same grid.

The layout mixes Foundation piles with Tableau piles

Foundation piles sit in the corners of the grid, and build up in suit until all cards of that suit are in the pile.  At the start of the game, a random card is dealt to the first foundation, which becomes the starting value for all the other foundation piles.  After a king is played on a pile, you may play an Ace on it, to wrap around.

The Tableau piles in the center, may be built down, ignoring suit, and only one card may be moved at a time. When spaces form, you may play any card to them, which can be really useful as a staging area for combing two smaller piles into a larger one, when you are able.  The more gaps you’re able to create and keep, the more chances there are to restructure piles in the Tableau.

During play, the top card of the stock is always available, it may be played into the grid of Tableau and Foundation, or simply moved to the discard pile – the top card of the discard pile is always available for play.

There are no redeals in this game, so once a card is placed to the discard and covered with other cards, you can’t get at it, without playing the cards on top of it. As a result, you often don’t want to fill gaps in the Tableau quickly, it’s useful to have them available in case cards come up in the stock that you will need soon on a Foundation pile, and will probably block that foundation if they’re buried in the Discard pile.

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Available now in all versions of Allgood Solitaire