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Allgood Solitaire v5.0

Now upgraded for use with OS X and Quartz. With 135 different variations, Solitaire will keep you amused for hours. Aside from just moving cards around, Allgood Solitaire also has lots of features to help learn new variations, not to mention, to cheat at the ones you already know! It's perfect for the demanding solitaire player, as well as the "I'm just waiting for a print out" types. The games supported include all the old favorites, Klondike, Free Cell, Spider, Golf, Seahaven Towers, and plenty of new ones!
Shareware - $15

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Download v5.0

(OS X 10.6 and higher)

Download v4.1.1

(OS X 10.5 and older)

Dominoes v4.0.1

Also running in OS X! Slap down tiles on your Mac. Dominoes will play 16 different variations of the basic game with you, from the straight forward Draw and Block, all the way up to the eclectic Mexican Train, and Matador. Guaranteed to keep you entertained for hours. 
Shareware - $19.95

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Download v4.0.1 (OS X)


Download v2.0 (pre-OS X)


Allgood Spite and Malice v4.0

Finally a version of "Spite and Malice" available for Macintosh users! This form of competitive patience game is easy to learn, and tough to put down. The computer offers 3 different skill levels to play against, making it perfect for first time learners, and Spite and Malice veterans. If you thought Solitaire was addicting, you haven't tried this game yet. 
Shareware - $15

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Download v4.0 (OS X)

(2.3 Mb)


Download v2.1 (pre-OS X)