Allgood Software on OS X “Catalina”

If you’ve upgraded your Mac to the latest release of OS X “Catalina”, you will have discovered that it uses a 64-bit architecture and older apps that were compiled under the 32-bit systems no longer work. Two of our OS X games, Dominoes and Spite and Malice, were last built as 32-bit apps, and therefore will require code updates to work with Catalina.

Unfortunately, this is more than just re-compiling the software in the new system, a lot of the underlying libraries have changed too, requiring application changes to work properly with the new frameworks, so the upgrade process can have a lot of surprises, and it’s hard to predict how long it will take.

We love Dominoes and are very keen to support it and keep it running. We’re hoping to open up the code and start working to update the software during the next few months, and our goal will be to get it running properly under Catalina by the end of the year.

Check on the Allgood Software blog, or Allgood Software Facebook page for the latest news, and find out about when updates are available. If you’d like to be kept informed by email, drop us a request and we’ll add you to the Dominoes email list.

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